Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Latest Soapy Creation!

I simply CANNOT stop picking this one up and smelling it deeply. Yummy, rich Vanilla and fresh, uplifting Pink Grapefruit essential oil form a heady scent that is just delish!!! I'm quite pleased with how the style came out as well :) Layers can be a PITA and take a lot longer than the rest of the styles I do - but it's worth it! To colour it I've used natural cocoa powder for the thin line, white oxide for the top layer, finishing with a sprinkle of cocoa again - isn't it gorgeous!

Stamp it up!

I recently got a teriffic little toy for my soaps - a soap stamp! It really adds something to the bars I think :) This will look great on the soaps I take to my monthly markets! I'm not sure if I'll 'stamp' the soaps I sell online at my website ( - hhhmmm decisions, decisions!

Hello to the world!

Well I've finally done it! Started a blog :)

I used to keep a daily journal when I was younger, so I don't know why it's taken me this long to get my 'online' version going!

As you can guess, I make soap - a lot of soap! It's my craft, my passion and my business all in one :) I can literally spend hours playing with scent blends, formulating different notes with the pure essential plant oils I use from around the world, or creating a new and wonderful body treat - I love being creative!

Well... Now I've started my little blogspot I'll have to jazz it up a bit with pics etc, descriptions of what I've been up to, and what wonderous creations I've developed so stay tuned!!!

Toodle Pipski!