Monday, July 27, 2009

Honey, I think I love you!

I love the smell of rich, fresh honey, so thought you all might like to see the fresh batch of 'Honey' soap I made yesterday. Each of my soap batches are huge slabs that get cut into 50 large bars, and in their moulds they weigh over 10 kilos - so I have very toned arms from lifting and stacking them LOL!

You can see my popular Sancha soap in the next mould - I usually make 6 soap batches in a day during my "working" week, sometimes less when I get a break for a week or two *smile*

Hope you enjoy this little 'behind the scenes' peek :) I'm off to make more soap today - toodles!

Kathy :)


innerearthsoaps said...

Wow, look at those massive slabs of soap! How on earth do you cut them evenly?

Kathy@Beguile said...

Hi Erin!
I use a log splicer that I custom made myself to cut my slabs into 5 logs, then my trusty 'tank' to cut them into bars *smile*
My highschool woodwork teacher would be SO proud haha!
Kathy :)