Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mmmmmm Delish!

In response to my last post showing my honey soap in the mould as a large slab, a fellow soapmaker (Erin from asked me how I cut up my 50 bar soap slabs so neatly - so here's some more behind the scenes photos *grin*

Once the soap is ready to be unmoulded, around 12 hours after mixing and pouring, each batch comes out in a huge slab, that I need to cut into 50 large 130g bars. So I cut the slabs down into 5 logs each first, using a wire log slicer I made :)

The first batch is my ever popular 'Delish' loaded with juicy grapefruit and blackberries - then there's the tradtional favorite 'Lavish' full of soft Lavender - and lastly you can see a custom made batch of my unscented, uncoloured goat's milk soap, full of certified organic, and fairly traded shea butter - this one's for a new organic lifestyle company, and has been going like hotcakes for them!

Each log is then cut into 10 bars, and voila, you have 50 bars per batch. The bars edges are tidyed up (so there's no sharp edges or corners for you!) and then they get popped on the curing racks to cure/dry for a minimum of 4 weeks, before being wrapped and labelled.



innerearthsoaps said...

Thanks for that Kathy ... that must be one helluva wire cutter you have! Soaps look absolutely delish as always :-)

Kathy@Beguile said...

:) It's only a small handheld one I made nearly 2 years ago - similar to the ones on the tortuga soap & supplies site - I'll try and remember to take a piccie of it when I'm cutting up tommorrow's batches.


innerearthsoaps said...

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