Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Soap

I've been playing around with a few different swirling techniques, and loved finding this suprise when I cut up my latest batch of 'Sinful' - 5 bars out of 50 turned out with a smiley face!!!!

Even soap has a sense of humor lol!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fresh from the Lather Lab!

Before heading to the awards ceremony last Sunday (read last posts below) I squeezed in a couple of hundred soapies :) Here we have the final look for my 'Tempt' soap - deep purple swirled with black, I was really happy with how it turned out! The cut bar photos will be on the website shortly!

You can see I decorate each of the 5 logs my batches make before cutting them up, and then cutting the 5 logs into 10 thick, 130g bars :)

Then we have one of my most popular soaps - Essence. Fresh Grapefruit, blended with rich Vanilla = heaven!

And the winner is!!!!!!!

Me!!! Or rather my soap is *grin*

Following on from my last post, that I'd been told I'd won an award for my soap entry into the NSW Hunter Valley Olive Oil Association 2009 Show (what a mouthful!) and the invitation from the show steward to attend in person, I'm honoured to say that I was presented with three awards. This show was open to all professional/commercial soapmakers accross Australia, as long as they used Australian Olive Oil in their soaps, and I was told the 4 soap judges needed to spend a month to use all the different soaps entered in their daily showers, and judge them on various aspects - appearence, scent, texture, lather quality, meltability, longivity etc.

Firstly I was presented with "Best in class" for my castile soap - which is made from 100% Australian olive oil, scented with my 'Charm' blend of Lemon Myrtle and Lavender Essential Oils, coloured with infused Calendula. This is a specialty soap that I make for a select few of my customers as Olive Oil is one of the most expensive 'soapmaking' oils - more so for me as I don't use inferior imported pomace oil.

*** I learnt a lot about the different grades of olive oil by talking to the many growers, producers and judges there, and learning about what chemical solvents are actually put into Pomace Oil to produce it from the absolute dregs, pips, bruised/rotting olive fruit and othr waste - solvents which have been proven to be carcinogens (cause cancers) - so it now scares the heckers out of me, and I won't have icky pomace olive oil anywhere near me or my family!

Moving on *grin* - Next they announced I had won gold for my soap overall, and THEN they announce I had also won best in show above all other soaps entered in all classes - I was bright red by this stage and starting to shake from nerves with hubby rubbing my arm saying "calm down bub" and I'm like "ohhh lordy I have to walk up there again - stumble, stumble" LOL!

Here we have the two paper awards, and the huge plaque I won for best in show - it's the size of a large dinner plate - and the case is gorgeous!

Before they were announced, I was glad to hear the presenters tell us that the judging panel had been made up of both professional soapmakers and general consumers - so we were judged both 'technically' by the soapmakers, and then more overall by those acting as 'consumers'.

After the awards we had a gourment bbq dinner, and I had lots more questions asked of me, and met some amazing people! All in all a great day, and I felt very priviledged...

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm getting an award!

I got a lovely call yesterday from the steward of the NSW Hunter Valley Olive Oil association, telling me I'd won an award for my olive oil soaps - and that although he couldn't tell me WHAT award I'd won he said "it would be well worth your while to come in person to the presentation" - ooooooooo how exciting!!!

Here's a picture of the soaps that were entered, 100% pure olive oil soap from the boutique olive grove in the hunter region that I get my oils from (I try to support other aussie businesses and local produce wherever I can!) - I used my 'Charm' scent blend, a lovely upfliting combination of Australian Lemon Myrtle and Lavender essential oils, and scattered calendula petals throughout :)

The awards ceremony is tommorrow afternoon, so hubby and I wilk make the 2+ hour trip down at lunchtime 'ish and may stay the night in the region - not sure yet! :) The steward wants to have a business and promotional talk with me as well, as he wants to feature my soaps in the 2 day 'Feast of the Olives' that happens in the hunter valley every year - so I'm to bring down a large box of mixed soaps, flyers, business cards etc - this could turn into quite an interesting trip!

I'll let you all know what 'place' I was awarded when we get back - I'm excited, honoured and humbled all at the same time!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Envy - latest creation!

Hi All,

I've been dreaming up some new essential oil blends lately - and here we have one of the new ones :)

Envy - crisp tea tree with zesty, sultry lemongrass - perfect for the dark edge jealousy can have, with deep green swirled with whispy tendrils of black...

Also in the works are Bewitch (exotic Rosewood and smokey Vetiver essential oil) and Sinful (with sultry Patchouli, Sweet Orange, and spicy Cinnamon essential oils) so keep an eye out on my website for them!

I've recently gotten a new camera, so have been playing with it today - I'm amazed at the crispness of detail I can now get :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I've relented - now Twittering!

Okay, Okay, after repeated requests as to why I don't have a twitter page - here it is *wink*

It's pretty bare at the moment, as I've only 'just' created it, so feel free to drop me a tweet at;

Bio: Creative temptress who crafts beguiling soaps, potions and lotions :)

Toodles for now - I have some new ideas and projects whizzing around my mind so am off to start writing down some formulations!

Ooooooo appearing in Vogue!!!!!!!!!!!

How excited was I this morning to recieve the upcoming October edition of the one and only, Vogue magzine, and seeing my beguiling soapies and scrubs making their first appearence in their preferred business directory - waaaaahhhooooooo :)

I don't think I came down out of the clouds all day!