Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Branding 101!

Hello all you beguiling beauties *grin*

I'm in a feel good, positive mood today after reaching a decision my marketing company has been telling me to go with for ages! They've told me to stick with a few colours as my 'brand' colours, to create a more uniform look accross my different products, which in turn will re-inforce brand awareness with my lovely customers :)
I've usually always gone with different colours per scent, but in a retail setup it gets a bit confusing for people looking at the different products, thinking they are not from the same 'company' and so I've decided that my 'brand' colours will be the purple I love, along with accents in black and white.

I'll be using different shades of purple in some products, like my new face masks, to show that each is for a different skin 'type', and after doing the first new purple themed label mock ups, I have to say they look AWESOME :)
New product shots will be done soon, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New product soon to be released!

FINALLY last week I got word from my organic ingredients supplier that fresh shipments of Craneberry, Apple and Papaya Fruit Powders had reached our shores, after impatiently waiting for the past 3 months for them - yay!!!!!

Each fruit powder will be going into special blends for my latest product - facial masks! I've formaulated three different 'types' - for oily skin, for combination skin, and for sensitive or mature skin.

I've found some ultra stylish frosted glass jars that my masks will be packaged in, as earth clays should not be stored in metal or plastic as they can 'draw' in chemicals and toxins! This is why natural earth clays are sooooo good for face masks, as they draw out all the excess oil and impurities, while softening and revitalising the delicate skin *smile*

Just have to wait for their labels to be finished, and have new photo's done with the little wooden scoops that will go with each jar, and they'll be fit for their release!