Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi Everyone!

This month, in addition to running around like a headless twit getting ready for our big move, I've been flat out these last couple of weeks making up soapy logs and soap cakes for a regular customer of mine in China *smile* They opened up a second soap shop over there recently, with a third planned for later this year :)
So I thought I'd share piccies of my "Great Wall of Soap!" The order was for just under 200 soap logs and cakes, and each log = 10 bars! Their customers love cutting the logs up themselves in the shop :)

I still have 45 logs to make and 6 more cakes (12 wedges each) so this is a shot of about two thirds of the order, and equivilent to 1,380 bars - that's a lotta soap lol!


karen lee said...

I hope you have little labels that say "Made in Australia"! That stash of soap is AMAZING! My idea of 'heaven' was to be in a handmade chocolate shop - now it's to be in your lather lab! You stack so neatly - I bet you were a whiz with lego blocks as a kid! Love the soap cakes - think I'll have one for my next birthday!

Topcat said...

Love, love, love your great soaping wall Kathy! Your soaps are truly beautiful to see stacked like that - the colours are totally gorgeous :D

Teresa said...


Kathy@Beguile said...

Thanks girs :D Yes I am quite pedantic with stacking my soaps - with everything really, it all has to be 'just so' haha!

I've been thinking of doing soap cakes for my retail customers for 12 months or so now, maybe I'll start for you Karen, so you can have one as your birthday slice!

karen lee said...

You can definitely start your retail soap cakes with me (not till January, so you have almost another 12 months!) BUT I don't want one slice - I want the whole cake! I think family and friends would be astounded and elated that a slice of birthday cake would have zero calories!

FuturePrimitive said...

love it! you'd best get a move on! the soaps all look so scrumptious on their racks...which reminds me, i need to set up a proper curing room for myself. just got my first proper big order for 3000 slivers! that's only 30 batches, but enough to keep me hella busy for a while.
i think you make beautiful soap...your soaps are on their way BTW!

Kathy@Beguile said...

Hey Tiggy :) Ohh go you!!!! That's awesome, and no doubt only the start of more large soapy orders for you :D

Your soapies should be getting to you this week *fingers crossed*

Kat :)

Jennifer Young said...

Hello Kathy, I absolutely LOVE your wall of Soap. So colourful... a work of art in itself! I would love to have enough orders to produce soaps like this! Your soaps look so beautiful and the your scents sound so Scrumptious in your descriptions that I would love to try a couple. Could you ship to Spain? Should I simply order off your website? Let me know! Cheers, Jen

Kathy@Beguile said...

Hi Jen :) Awwww you all made me blush lol - I'm glad fellow soapmakers like my soapies to, I think we all appreciate all the work and attention that goes into each others creations *smile*

Send me an email directly Jen and I'll find out how much shipping would be for you -

Oh dinner is bubbling away on the stove, time to put the bread rolls in the oven!
Kat :)

Joanna said...

W-O-W! What a huge order. You must be feeling wonderful about yourself right now. Now I'd like to step in that kind of business now, thank you!!!!