Friday, April 8, 2011

Latest Soapy!

Here's the soap I made to celebrate the birth of my daughter. I wanted a sweet soft floral scent, a little girly, so blended a gorgeous rose fragrance I recently got from the USA with sweet spearmint essential oil, and am very happy with the results!

I think I'll call it "Blush" - what do you all think? I'm starting to run out of new soap names haha! It was meant to have a black swirl, but it went more of a muted grey, which I actually think looks better! I also infused organic red tea into the base for some texture :)


Teresa said...

I like the "Blush" name.
I would never have thought of rose and spearmint.
Sounds wonderful!

maty said...

uhmmmmmm que delicadeza .... me encanta... como logras estas texturas y esta cremosidad ... felicidades

Maku said...

Your soaps are a real beauty
A big congratulations

karen lee said...

Little ones certainly keep you busy! Hope you're still managing some soapmaking!

Ambra said...

MOtherhood obviously agrees with you (she is beautiful - congratulations) those new soaps are fabulous!