Monday, March 26, 2012

Fastest yet!

I love challenging myself, so this morning I timed myself making 200 soaps, start to finish including clean up, and cutting the previous days 150 soaps. 1 hour and 28 minutes from the time I set foot in the shed, till when I walked back into the house! O.O

There is nothing I tell you, NOTHING, like having a baby, and from the time they are 6 weeks old, trying to run your full time soap business around them to teach you super time managment skills lol :)

What do you do to keep on the ball? And not just with soap!


Jennifer Young said...

Oh my!! I can hardly believe it!! You must make LARGE batches and then pour in to separate moulds? For the moment I can only physically pour enough for my 40 bar mold, but my husband is trying to design a pourer for large quantities... you have just reminded me how labout intensive my entire process is... including packaging. Needs work... but however it moves forward, I want to make sure I still enjoy it!! xo Jen

Kathy@Beguile said...

Hi Jennifer :) I do large batches and use slab moulds yep - 50 bars per batch and mould. Each slab gets cut into 5 logs, each log into 10 bars :D

It's all about prep definately. I use cold caustic mixed the night before, soap oils and scents are all prepped the night before, so all I need to do the next morning is heat up the solids, mix, and off I go!

Have a look at the soapmaking category and you'll see the slab moulds in some old posts :D

I use 20L buckets to mix my soap in, and am so used to pouring my 8kg batches out of them I barely feel the weight now!

Happy soapin,
Kat xox

Washpool Farm said...

Hi Kathy

I was tempted to offer a pair of hands to help out with your massive order deadline but decided you'd have to kill me to stop me implementing a bit of Beguile swirl magic into my bars.

Kathy@Beguile said...

Aww thanks :) How are you???

I'm actually trying to come up with a way of doing consistent swirls, I usually do the coathanger method, but would love thicker, chunkier colour blocks for some variety!

Jennifer Young said...

Kathy, Thank you so much for all the info!! I can imagine what it is like trying to manage the business, make soap and look after a toddler! xo Jen

Topcat said...

Woah ~ go you!!!

My time management skills need a lot of work. I tend to operate under the urgency paradigm ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Kathy, you are an inspiration to us all!! My kids are grown and gone now, the thought of juggling a soap business with them growing up makes me go weak at the knees lol!! Well done, I need to move to bigger slab molds to, its the way to go.