Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good news!!

I'm so happy right now!!!! Earlier this year, I'd asked my trademark lawyer if a particular word could be trademarked as my new business name. As the 1st of July (new website luanch date) was drawing nearer, and we didn't have a clear answer as to the name I really, really, really wanted, one of our graphics people recomended we go with 'Kaijo' since it's made up from my name (first, middle, and last). At first it seemed to work, but now I'm going through a case of "I don't like it!......."

Anyway, this afternoon, I finally got word that the trademark application has gone in, and there shouldn't be any problems - wahhhhhoooooo :)

This now means that I'm going to look very indecisive to you all, but I really want to go with my first wished "name" and that's what my instincts are telling me to do.

The name perfectly sums both myself and my products up - a bit cheeky, a bit girly, and all very unique *smile*

Soooooo I'm apologising to everyone for the current hiccups and what not - at times like this it's a bit frazzling running your own business and wanting/needing everything finished yesterday :(

Toodles for now, and stay tuned!
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