Friday, July 24, 2009

A whole lotta soap!

I've been making so much soap lately, that I treated myself to making lots of sugar scrubs yesterday :) Then I thought you all might like to see some of the wholesale soap that I've been making, in addition to the hundreds I make each week for my retail customers!

The first one shows 40 soap logs (each log equals 10 of my thick bars, so that's 400 bars - eips!) and a couple of fancy soap cakes at the bottom. This is all one order for a wholesale client of mine, and there's a few custom scents and designs mixed in *smile*

I took some close up's of the soap cakes - the red one is my new 'Blossom' scent, soon to be released on the website - Palmarosa essential oil, mixed with a touch of fragrance for a lovely, sweet rosey scent. The second is scented with Frangipani fragrance (which made me feel positively ill, so I'm so not using it again - ugh!). They wanted me to go heavy on the top decorations - do you think I did enough haha? Each cake weighs a MASSIVE 4 kilo's each - I'm doing weights each time I pick one up!

Toodles! Oh and keep an eye our for more piccies coming soon :)
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