Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm getting an award!

I got a lovely call yesterday from the steward of the NSW Hunter Valley Olive Oil association, telling me I'd won an award for my olive oil soaps - and that although he couldn't tell me WHAT award I'd won he said "it would be well worth your while to come in person to the presentation" - ooooooooo how exciting!!!

Here's a picture of the soaps that were entered, 100% pure olive oil soap from the boutique olive grove in the hunter region that I get my oils from (I try to support other aussie businesses and local produce wherever I can!) - I used my 'Charm' scent blend, a lovely upfliting combination of Australian Lemon Myrtle and Lavender essential oils, and scattered calendula petals throughout :)

The awards ceremony is tommorrow afternoon, so hubby and I wilk make the 2+ hour trip down at lunchtime 'ish and may stay the night in the region - not sure yet! :) The steward wants to have a business and promotional talk with me as well, as he wants to feature my soaps in the 2 day 'Feast of the Olives' that happens in the hunter valley every year - so I'm to bring down a large box of mixed soaps, flyers, business cards etc - this could turn into quite an interesting trip!

I'll let you all know what 'place' I was awarded when we get back - I'm excited, honoured and humbled all at the same time!

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